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They say once you have two you will have more of these amazing canine characters in your life.

23 Siberian Husky's and 2 Alaskan husky's are now full time members of the Coppernose kennel team.

They're incredibly enthusiastic, energetic  and affectionate.

Some of our dogs are retiring, this does not mean they have no place in the kennel far from it, they tend to become full time cuddle therapists, smile makers and they help to walk people for us. 



Born 2011/10/02


The queen of the kennel, the super star lead dog, uber cuddle muffin, likes to lick people to death and always in pursuit of kibbles.

Also now known as one of the “old red fat ladies”. 


Sadly her body is trying to retire but her mind is having none of it!

She now sneaks up to porch of the house for a few hours a day to have a break from ruling the kennel.



Born 2011/10/02


Sister of the queen, mother to 9 puppies who are here in the kennel, the other half of the “old red fat ladies”.


She has absolutely no interest in being queen she has little to no dignity, rolling on her back and showing her furry tummy for a scratch at the first available opportunity, flirts with all the new guys.


She used to lead, but she has retired this year and happily she isn’t to put out about it.


Her eye sight isn’t that great but she can hear kibble hit the deck at 20 meters.



Born 2012/01/04


He’s Norwegian, raised in Scotland, taught manners buy the fat red ladies, good looking guy, brain the size of a small meat ball...


Clumsy, and his goofyness gets him into trouble with his nephews, they don’t appreciate his clumsy enthusiasm, he is more like a bowling ball than a sensible uncle.



Born 2012/01/04

Islas husband, (they live together) father of the 9 puppies, super lead dog, cuddle muffin and he likes to play a husky version of fetch with the remnants of an old kong.


Such an easy going caring fellow.

Just wish he wasn’t so picky about food, he does like moose though, cut into perfect 5cm lumps...



Born 2012/11/06*


Fara is hyper active, screaming crazy, eats anything, moves like she has hot paws, and ever so slightly antisocial with other dogs...


Except her sister and she doesn’t really like boys

She loves people and kibble.

She does make an excellent early warning system for the kennel yard, tells us everything very loudly even at 3am.


Her focus works in nano seconds, she will never lead unless you want to have a pile up..

We are suspicious of her and her sisters authenticity, they have earned the nicknames of the “ferret sisters” you’ll see why when you visit them.



Born 2012/11/06*


Is not a lot like her sister... she is sweet, soft, shy, forward focussed and a leader.


You stand a chance of getting somewhere with Huney in front..


She does climb the fence and shout a lot when she is excited, but expect not much less from a enthusiastic sled dog team member, she is also social with other dogs and a bit flirty with the boys, she is the yards darling.



Born 2012/10/11*

Yell by name yell by nature, he is actually really good at yelling, he is also really good at steering a sled, crazy enthusiastic about going out on a team. He is a small chap, a little bit difficult some times as he hates his front feet being touched, but it’s not a problem when there is a third hand available to feed him kibbles.
We love him, he lives with the ferret sisters (poor guy). He inhales his food and has never missed a meal.
He is a member of the early warning system for the yard.



Born 2012/10/11*


Gunna is dinky, for a male he really is quite little and has a puppy face, don’t be fooled! Nick named the prince of darkness due to his ability to boss the big guys around, he likes to surf on people, and does the most impressive breakfast zoomies, a very wriggley chap. He moved out of the ferret sisters and adopted himself a new play partner, he says the ferret sisters are crazy.
He will lead a team but has to perform a sequence of clown like tumbles whilst waiting to set off, not helpful but can be entertaining.. Hates stopping!



Born 2014/07/31

Pup number 1

Linga is one of the 9 pups of Isla and Coll, she is a little sweet, gentle soul until she sees a harness and she becomes a crazy excitable sled dog!

She never makes trouble in the team.

She loves a cuddle, kibbles and digging very big holes. She lives and works with her brother Bigga.



Born 2014/07/31


Pup number 2,

who is a Casanova of the kennel ! 

He woos every person with his paws and eyes, he does little tricks for love so you can't keep your kibbles, stroke his ears or belly and you have a friend for life.

When working with his team he is strong, and he is steady.

If you were to go camping take this dog as he would be a great furry bed warmer! Him and his sister Linga live next door to Staffa and Lady.



Born 2014/07/31

Pup number 3,

who is leggy tall boy. 

He still thinks he should be able to fit on my lap like he did when he was a little cute puppy. 

He is a very handsome dog with a really strong tail, to match his hard headedness with the other males, but when he is on the team, he has great focus.

He is scared of thunder so maybe he isn’t the big tough guy after all. He lives and works with his equally leggy elegant sister Lady.



Born 2014/07/31

Pup number 4

She is a total flirty girlie. 

Both, her and Staffa seem to suffer from selective hearing and tend to do their own thing on the way to and from their kennel run, oddly though they seem to do ok as lead dogs, otherwise they work in the team, and they are never any trouble and very well behaved once in harness and running.

Lady tends to run around and flirt with all the boys. She is a cuddle muffin and often ends up rolling over on my feet, it’s one way to stop us from running off!



Born 2014/07/31


Pup number 5 

He is a good sized fellow, with a blue eye and lots of attention seeking tricks. 

He has the ability to scream the loudest if guests don’t visit his kennel run first. 

He try’s to ooze himself threw the wire mesh to get you all loved up. 

He actually wants to sit on your shoulder or stick his wet nose in your eye..

All in the name of love, weighing in at 28kg let’s not have him on our shoulders! He is enthusiastic about everything,



Born 2014/07/31


Pup number 6

He is a horse dog, a big goofy fellow and he is sooo soft and cuddly. 

He thinks he is the big guy, but he is only in size and character, way to goofy to be a top dog.

We don’t know where he came from. If his sister Linga stands next to him you would think he was adopted! He and Clett are very close and play constantly, and they live together but they don’t run together, Clett runs with brother Canna.



Born 2014/07/31

Pup number 7

The blue eyed darling of the kennel and the camera loves his fuzzy face.

He and Clett make a crazy bouncing pair of team mates, He is a quirky fellow, talkative and he refuses to share a kennel with anyone, he just gets sad and grumpy, so he has the run of the kennel yard and is one of the early alarm dogs, he loves his freedom of the kennel yard and has rewarded us by getting plump and playful.



Born 2014/07/31


Pup number 8

A crazy excitable girl, who has plenty of attitude.

She and her sister Danna “hunt” poor Clett.

Super working dog, she will lead not always the most confident up front but she tries for you. Our special lightly scrambled Eigg who if she decides she wants to join your team she will climb, and she makes a lot of noise about it, So we always have to make sure she is safe.



Born 2014/07/31

Pup number 9

Is sweet, when she isn’t helping her sister mess up Clett’s day.

She will sit by you, force you to stroke her and she is polite but very kibble driven. She is a wonderful cuddling dog and she doesn’t mind how big or small your hands are as long as they work at stroking her soft fur. She works in the team with a fellow called Teetonka.



Born 2016/08/11

He really was a Houdini puppy, he used to climb and wriggle out of all sorts of places and escape from his two guardians. He would come and find me to complain about his guardians Skye and Isla (he said they were the fun police).

He has kind of grown out of this, either that or he doesn’t fit threw such small gaps anymore. His stride match’s Danna and they make a cute pair in the team. Tonka loves people, he really is a cuddle muffin, he also likes to dig craters in the yard, a little less helpful and lives with his Father and Gunna who is his best buddy.



Born 2010/03/15


Father of TeeTonka.

He has the nick name “Escreamo” because he is one of nosiest dogs in the yard. 

He inhales his food, shouts a lot for more kibble in fact he demands you feed him.

His hobbies are yelling, digging and dancing at supper time. He is kind of retired, loves neck massages and gives very gentle kisses.



Born 2016/06/09


Vlk is an Alaskan husky, and he has the most wonderful smile!

He also gets a prize for the best snuffles in the kennel, especially when your trying to do something at ground level. He is a sensitive sweet soul until you get the dog equipment out, and then he goes and totally loses the biscuit! He works in lead with Huney and surprisingly strong for his lightweight frame.

He is the kennel yard hunter, he has a internal struggle with his sight hound genetics, he is always tipping his nose and starring into the undergrowth looking for little critters we have lost count of the times he has to be retrieved from the bottom of the big exercise area or a large hole.



Born 2016/05/16

Is also an Alaskan husky, she is slightly crazy but a very willing team worker, she is very demanding when it comes to seeking attention, totally a love magnet and she thinks she could try for the position of queen in the kennel.

 I say she has more chance of getting the keys to Buckingham Palace.

She will lead but you have to keep an eye on her taking short cuts! She is crazy enthusiastic to go running, a full time flirt and her houbies include being a part time beaver...



Born 2016/10/10

He is a slightly fluffy siberian husky and we adore him, in the kennel yard he is such a cool dude, so friendly with the other dogs and doesn’t make trouble...

When your there, if you leave him alone for to long he does start to make fun of some dogs and this doesn’t go down well with the older kennel members. He likes to go for walks on a lead! Not normal for a husky, but when you start getting a team ready for running , then he totally loses his head. He has an appetite to challenge a lion, he eats kibbles, gloves, leads, grass, sticks. he is always hungry. His usual running partner is Balta who tolerates his crazyness! (And Houbie hasn’t eaten him yet) He lives with and is very close to his retired Father.



Born 2010/08/21

Father of Houbie, super cuddly soft coated fellow, very much a senior chap.

He can be found smoozling with guests as he seduces them for endless affection, he barks like an Alaskan husky as someone didn’t tell him that siberians wooo wooo punctuated with some yodelling, barking is reserved as a last resort form of shouting!

Still, the day he stops barking at super time is the day we worry about him. His other sons are Giksi and Virko.



Born 2016/10/10


This guy barks!

He didn’t get the no barking memo, so truly a chip off the old Spock block, he barks as a nervous twitch.

Giksi is unique and beautiful although tricky to understand at times. He has the softest coat and you really want to cuddle him but for him, that’s the last thing in the world he wants. We just love him, he provides many eye roll moments and occasionally he will come and give you a gift in the form of a nose touching you in passing. But he does sit for kibbles!



Born 2016/10/10


Son of Spock, he lives with his Brother Giksi. 

Virko has learned the art of affection, ok it’s a bit different from say Spock, but he likes to surf on people, and has been known to roll on your boots.. While you are still wearing them.

He has the most wonderful genetic fault.. floppy ears! And they are so soft. This guy is strong power house of a dog, good natured but totally Bat shit crazy in harness and loves kibbles, he is also an expert meat bucket and bowl cleaner always guaranteed an excellent job.

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