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The wilderness is a great place to explore even in the depths of winter, snow shoes allow you to do this and enable you to go where normally you would not be able to walk even during the summer time, there is something a bit special about making the first foot prints in virgin snow.

We a few basic things we recommend you have before setting out is good warm foot wear, layers that are easy to vent so you do not sweat, and this will make cold later. carry fluids, a high energy snack, hand warmers and a fully charged gps\phone

or tracker.  We hire out snow shoes and sticks to our guests. We only have adult sized snow shoes at this time.


Please note: The Musher Experience is available For Coppernose Kennels Trail Cabin Guests Only.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your own Siberian sled dog team? Do you have what it takes to care for these high energy, affectionate dogs and drive a sled safely?

Over a two/three day period, you will meet the dogs,  familiarize yourself with their equipment, You will be shown how to harness the dogs - there is a lot of excited wriggling to contend with from your canine team members!

You will learn about the sleds, how to handle them and use the brake.We will teach you the commands you’ll need to guide your team and check that you have mastered it, so that both you and the dogs are safe. You will see some early mornings, feeding and general yard chores - this includes spending some time cuddling and making friends with your team dogs. These guys are furry therapists so you’ll soon fall in love, but I warn you now, we will check your luggage for stowaways at the end of your stay! 

Around the table over  warming coffee or nice cup of tea, biscuits, toast and homemade jam we will discuss which dogs you will drive, the trail conditions and answer any questions you may have. After the dogs have digested their breakfast, we gather at the yard, harness and hook them up to the sleds. Now you will witness the enthusiasm these powerful Siberians have! They will be excited to run and quite vocal, but as soon as the brakes are released and you follow the guide out onto the trails, they settle into their job and you will experience the silence and smooth flow that only this mode of transport can offer. Depending on conditions and ability you will have the opportunity to Mush a team of 2-6 dogs .

 Please make inquiries for your Musher Experience when booking your Cabin. please use your cabin booking reference when booking your experience.


Sweden is a popular fishing destination, many come here just to fish and relax, cook their catch out on the grill or perhaps bring a portable smoker with them. the area has many lakes.

The areas controlled by county administration ( Lansstyrelsen)

appear on 

Trout, arctic charr, perch, pike, rainbow trout, grayling, whitefish.

The state controls waters beyond “odlingsgränsen” (administrative border) contains many lakes, tarns and rivers.

Here you can buy fishing licenses:

Utrustad +46 (0) 951 200 20

Slussforsboa +46 (0) 951 501 70

Hemavan Tärnaby Tourist Office +46 (0) 954 104 50 Naturum Hemavan +46 (0) 954 380 23

You can buy a fishing permit online:



Work in progress.



Ever wondered how it feels to run your hands through a soft and deep husky coat? Curious about how the dogs are steered by a human on a sled behind them? Want to meet these amazing and affectionate dogs? This activity is best in the summer months but can be arranged in winter - subject to weather conditions and availability. Walk with some of the lovely senior members of the Coppernose Team as you explore our grassy trails together. Enjoy the surrounding nature and tranquillity of this beautiful and remote location. Look out for wildlife and keep your eyes peeled for footprint evidence of animal activity (your Husky will help with this!). We stop by the spring for a break and to let the dogs enjoy a cool refreshing drink. This relaxed walk with guide is an excellent opportunity to discover how sled dogs are controlled by voice commands. Back at the kennels, you have the opportunity to meet with more members of the Coppernose Team - including the lively young ones if you wish. As you exchange cuddles with these friendly souls, we can answer your questions about the dogs, sleds, equipment and history of the sport. You will be invited to enjoy a refreshing cool drink (or warming hot drink depending on the weather) and to take some time-out with a friendly furry companion.

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