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When Scots emigrate to Lapland:

Your hosts, Billy and Leaf are originally from the UK. Billy originates from the North East of Scotland where he worked as a builder and farmer. He claims to be able to fix anything with a welder! Leaf is originally from Wales, her first career was as a truck driver but she settled with Billy in Scotland running a horse training business and working on the farm. If you have a problem that needs to be fixed - then we are a good place to start - as we can turn our hands to pretty much anything. The husky hobby grew during our later years at the farm, honing our skills and the training of teams on the numerous forestry trails that Scotland has to offer.

However, we decided that it was time to go on a life adventure and sold the farm in Scotland to move across the North Sea to the far north of Sweden. It was supposed to be a kind of retirement plan, but the adventure evolved into a bigger thing and we now run Coppernose Kennel Trail Cabins. We’ve always been the type of people who find it hard to sit still! We came to Sweden in 2016, bringing with us our furry family (17 Siberian Huskies, 4 Jack Russells and one Border Collie), along with some work shop tools and toys. The number of Siberian Huskies has now increased to 25 and there is still no sign of that retirement anywhere on the horizon.
Our dogs are a mixture of those we have rescued, some we have bred ourselves and others we have acquired/inherited. Note that some of them are managing to retire long before we do!

We love living here in Lapland immersed in the wilderness. The accessibility to nature and Lapland’s beautiful mountains is something we appreciate every day. It’s hard work living in the predominantly snow covered environment which is perfect for those who hate to sit still! There is always a list of things to do when you only have 5/6 months where you are not frozen, covered in snow or treading carefully during the thaw.

We enjoy the company from those who visit Coppernose - bringing experiences and news from around the world - and welcome you to enjoy our wilderness cabins and time with our Siberian Huskies.


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